Fast Forward

producing / Photography / edititng

The Fast Forward project consists of 16 video segments that present Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (also known as the STEM curriculum) concepts in a fun, entertaining and informative way by demonstrating how employees in businesses and organizations across the state are applying the topic matter in their jobs.

Client: Gerogia Public Broadcasting / Gerogia Department of Education



Mid post-production, we switched  focus to managing the build of the website. We oversaw the entire process all the way through – from initial concept to successful completion. We collaborated directly with the client and designer to set objectives, goals, and to capture a summary of all the factors that would impact implementation.


While the production was on hiatus, we authored the DVD for season 1. We transcribed each episode for subtitles and created the menus using Photoshop and After Effects. The final dvd was authored in Adobe Encore and sold on Amazon Createspace,