Vivify is a multi-disciplined creative company led by Victoria Bostic – Emmy-winning director and editor who creates vivid motion experiences for television, film, and design.

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Victoria Bostic is an award winning Director and Editor who collaborates with film and tv professionals, designers, and artists to unveil captivating narratives across all mediums. After spending a decade leading digital, marketing, and television projects for large-scale networks and independent productions, Victoria holds the expertise to drive innovation and collaboration throughout the creative process. She hones her skills by engaging in unique passion projects and extended professional training.

Victoria has won three regional Emmy awards for her short form directing, producing, and editing. Many local and national print and broadcast outlets have featured her video work, including PBS, GPB, MTV, and NBC News. In addition to her extensive production experience, Victoria is an independent filmmaker and passionate tech nerd. 

Victoria holds a BFA in digital media from The Art Institute of Atlanta and is currently pursuing her MA in Motion Media Design at SCAD.


Pre-Production // Scriptwriting, Concept Development, Storyboarding, Creative Direction, Consulting

Production // Directing, Cinematography, Lighting, Production Management, Asset Management

Post-Production // Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Color Grading


Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro
After Effects
Davinci Resolve